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Endoscopy Clinic In New York!

Definition: Endoscopy is a process whereby a long, slender tube is inserted directly into the body at a targeted location to observe in detail, depth and clarity an internal organ or tissue. The endoscopy catheters can also be utilized for the purpose of imaging and minor operative procedures.

Overview: Since the latest techniques employed in the endoscopic process carried out in our times ensure comparatively fewer risks, provision of HD quality & crisp images, and consuming much less time in operation, this procedure alone has proven itself to be extremely beneficial to the medical fraternity.

Endoscopy as a clinical procedure is minimally invasive whereby the endoscope can be introduced into the body through openings such as the oral cavity or the anal region. The endoscopic process has given rise to a new surgical procedure called “keyhole surgery”.

Endoscopy: Scope & Advantages

The all-beneficial process of endoscopy had gained much popularity by the late 1970s and had turned into a commonly employed methodology, especially in the knee joint. In our modern times it is presented with a long list of advantages associated with it. The advantages of endoscopy are underlined below:

  • Endoscopy is a quick, safe and reliable process.
  • The prime objectives of endoscopy are investigation, confirmation and treatment at an endoscopic clinic in New York.
  • It is often used as a means of cauterizing a blood vessel, removing polyps or tumors from the GIT.
  • Endoscopy is employed by our Endoscopy Doctor in Long Island in a number of body systems and organs listed below:
    • Ear
    • Respiratory Tract
    • Gastrointestinal Tract
    • Urinary Tract
    • Female Reproductive Tract
    • Interior Of Joints Such As Knee, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Pelvis, Ankle & Foot
    • Interior Of Abdominal, Pelvic Or Thoracic Cavity
  • A newer technique known as “narrow band imaging” has enabled to detect precancerous conditions more timely and easily.
  • There is comparatively much less blood loss during and after the endoscopic procedure, turning the recovery process swifter.
  • It is being readily utilized in removing loose articular sheaths or flaps and debris formed in degenerative joint disease.

Endoscopy: Complications, Limitations & Risk Factors

Although endoscopy is regarded as one of the safest, swiftest and least invasive operative procedure, it is plagued with its own set of drawbacks discussed below:

  • Mild To Moderate Cramping
  • Persistent Pain In The Area Involved
  • Overdose Of Sedation (If Applied)
  • Feeling Of Distension For A Short Time
  • Tear Or Perforation Of The Abdominal Or Esophageal Lining
  • Minor Internal Bleeding
  • Infection In The Region Under Investigation Due To Additional Procedures
  • The following conditions need to be assessed by your specialist as emergency situations:
    • Thoracic Pain
    • Shortness Of Breath (Gasping)
    • Continuous & Intense Abdominal Pain
    • Vomiting Blood
    • Dark-colored Stool With Traces Of Blood