Athlete’s Foot

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Athlete’s Foot: Medically Defined

As Medical Science has known it, Athlete’s Foot is referred to a fungal attack on any part of the foot. Also known less commonly as “Tinea Pedia”, the fungus responsible for this condition is also the causative agent of jock itch and ringworm. The infection usually occurs between toes, but is not limited to it. Other fungal conditions of the foot such as psoriasis and eczema shouldn’t be confused with Athlete’s Foot, although all three fungal infections appear quite similar to a commoner.

This fungal infection is highly contagious, spreading swiftly in its vicinity. People of all ages are prone to this infection. Although it is easily recognizable by the infected themselves, it is highly recommended to get treatment from a professional Glendale, NY, itching procedure specialist doctor to acquire complete recovery.

Athlete’s Foot: Causes Leading To It

It should be noted that warm, dark and moist conditions favor the growth and spread of the fungus within gyms, pools and locker rooms. The factors responsible for giving rise to Athlete’s Foot in Rosedale can be summarized as follows:

  • Fungus Contacted Over A Damp, Moist Floor
  • Infected Skin Coming Into Direct Contact With A Healthy One
  • Keeping The Footwear On With Sweaty Feet For Prolonged Periods
  • Sharing Footwear, especially closed shoes
  • Using An Infected Person’s Towel, Handkerchief Or Socks


Athlete’s Foot: Symptoms For Foot And Ankle Care Doctor’s Diagnosis

The most commonly occurring signs and symptoms that can aid your foot and ankle care doctor in carrying out proper evaluation and precise diagnosis are listed below:

  • Burning & Itching Sensation
  • Dry, Scaly Skin Peeling Off Upon Contact
  • Skin Cracked At Various Points
  • Swelled & Inflamed Area
  • Itchy Blisters & Rashes
  • Worsening Itch & Redness
  • Unpleasant Odor Due To Drainage

Athlete’s Foot: Treatment Process Followed By Your Athlete’s Foot Specialist

Upon confirmation of being contacted with the infection, your Glendale, NY, itching procedure would follow the treatment course in 2 ways:

  • External, Topical Antifungal Application via ointments or cream preparations
  • Oral Antifungal Medications to see off the entire length of the prescribed course
  • Oral Broad Spectrum Antibiotics if the infection has taken to a severe form

Athlete’s Foot: Preventive Measures That Matter

  • Maintain Dryness between the toes and the feet in general to keep the fungus at bay.
  • Maintain Cleanliness of the foot via regular washing with soap and put on fresh pair of socks at least twice daily.
  • Apply Antifungal Powder if your skin is delicate and susceptible to fungal infections
  • Sterilize Footwear with appropriate shoe sanitizer if you are a frequent locker room user.
  • Alternate Between Footwear Regularly to prevent fungal growth from overuse of the same shoes repeatedly.
  • Keep Your Feet Ventilated with footwear made out of roper material such as canvas or other clothing, instead of vinyl or rubber.
  • Avoid Sharing Footwear Or Socks as much as possible to ward off any chances of contacting the fungus.