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Bracing: Explained By Your Podiatric Specialist

Definition: Bracing in the ankle region is a process in which an ankle brace, made out of a garment type, is worn firmly around the ankle for it to be protected against external impact or to be immobilized for the purpose of healing from sprains and other minor injuries. An ankle brace also serves to provide warmth and compression to the injured bones.

Bracing is yet another category of structure supporters that provide external stabilization to the bruised ankle region to diminish the occurrence and severity of its sprained condition. Although the true mechanism underlying this healing process appears to be obscured, the biomechanical stability and other influencing factors that are a special feature of bracing are being thoroughly investigated by a multitude of foot and ankle specialists the world over.

Bracing: Factors & Conditions Requiring It

Certain conditions of the ankle resulting from acquired issues do need the usage of bracing as a startup for a comprehensive mode of treatment, leading to complete healing and cure. Let’s jot them down as under:

  • Ankle Sprains that may prove problematic, costly and culminate in long-term disability of the wounded structure.
  • Joint Instability that results from an untreated ankle sprain gives rise to limited foot movement along with the associated pain and discomfort.
  • Muscular Stiffness that may be produced as a result of injury can be controlled to some extent, but not without the secondary ankle stiffness arising out of the bracing process.

Bracing: Properties Associated With It

The process of bracing in itself is a beneficial first line of treatment for a bruised ankle. With all the support on the outside and immobilization on the inside, the injured ankle region acquires complete healing within a credible time period. Also, the bracing devices are custom-made serving the patient’s purpose precisely and in its entirety.

An active, sportive living or sports personalities associated with high impact sporting games are more seriously exposed to all sorts of podiatric injuries, with the ankle sprain topping the list. Quite essentially, the injured person is supposed to take the right steps to strengthen and safeguard the injured foot and ankle. With heat and compression stabilities of bracing for mild to severe injuries, Advanced Foot & Ankle Solutions offers maximum support and protection for injured individuals to attain swift recovery from an ankle sprain.

Bracing: The Artistic Side Of It

Yes, preparation of a bespoke bracing apparatus is quite close to a work of art. Coming up with a podiatric brace that offers smart fit, comfort while treading along, durability due to resilient material and perfect exertion for compression over the affected area has now turned into a routine practice. Being composed of extremely light but durable material, these braces offer superior protection and safety with minimum bulk on the foot, imparting the confidence and surety to the athletes needed to perform at their best.

The braces manufactured now-a-days feature the following advantages for their users, whether worn as short-term or long-term supportive apparatus:

  • Follow Natural Human Motion Of The Foot
  • Provide Appropriate Rigidity Due To Best Fit
  • Some Slim Enough To Fit Within The Original Shoe
  • Some Manufactured With Removable, Flexible Stays
  • Some Composed As Compression Knit Sleeve With Dual Stabilizers
  • Some Made With Open-heel Design
  • Some Manufactured With Dual Elastic Wrap Straps
  • Some Special Ones Created Using Aircell Technology

Bracing: The Sunnier & Darker Sides Of It

Just as is the case with all procedures and devices rendering them, bracing, too, comes with its undeniable pros and cons. Let’s look at them in order.

The Brighter Side:

  • Self-applicable
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Re-adjustable
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable & Reliable For Extended Use
  • More Effective Than Taping 

The Duller Side:

  • May Give Rise To A Feeling Of Lesser Comfort
  • May Offer Lesser Degree Of Stability Than Taping
  • Require Immediate Replacement When Torn
  • May Cause Rotational Stiffness In The Ankle On Prolonged Usage