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Eczema: According To Your Eczema Doctor

Medically known as “Atopic Dermatitis”, eczema is an inflammatory diseases of the skin occurring primarily in the childhood stage. It is a chronic problem and not a cause of significant mortality among children and adults.

In minors it is visible on the face, forehead and scalp with extremely itchy and irritating situation. Aggressive scratching may lead to peeled off skin causing infection. Due to its long-lasting impact, proper treatment and skin care are able to relieve much of the discomfort.

Eczema: The Causes Leading To It

Although the real cause lying behind eczema is still unclear and Eczema specialists or researchers tend to hold vague and ambiguous opinions, a couple of features can be affirmatively associated with this condition, discussed below:

  • Genetic Factor plays a vital role in determining the probability of acquiring eczema by an individual through inheritance. The chances are more likely if other family members have been suffering from atopic dermatitis, hay fever or asthma.
  • Both Or Either Of The Parents suffering from eczema, hay fever or asthma are more likely to produce children with eczema.
  • Severe Eczema accounts for nearly 50% of the affected contacting asthma while around 66% contacting hay fever.
  • Food Allergies arising out of milk & dairy products like cheese and yoghurt, nuts and shellfish have been found to elevate the eczema symptoms in young eczema patients.
  • Latest Research suggests that the uncanny condition of eczema is an outcome of a complex blend of our genetic, environmental and immunity systems.

Eczema: Symptoms Your Eczema Doctor Would Watch Out For

Eczema is perhaps the only disease that manifests itself entirely differently in infants, children and adults. Therefore, each age group needs to be discussed individually. Eczema Clinic in New York offers a range of specialists to help you understand your symptoms and condition.

  • The Infant Group: Atopic dermatitis can begin as early as during the initial 2 or 3 months in an infant’s life. At this stage it shows up with the following signs and symptoms:
    • A Sudden Rash that turns the skin dry, scaly and itchy, often appearing on the face and scalp causing much irritation periodically
    • Rubbing The Affected Area against cushion, bedding, carpeting or any rough surface to relieve the itchy sensation
    • Skin Reactions resulting from scratching and rubbing
    • Trouble In Sleeping that usually aggravates the problem
  • The Children Group: Under this group children from age 2 years to the onset of puberty are considered, found with the following signs and symptoms:
    • Appearance Of A Rash within the creases of elbows, knees, legs or buttocks, or on the wrists, neck or ankles
    • Scaly & Itchy Skin at the site of the rash
    • Bumpy Skin Appearance with the passage of time
    • Thickened, Hardened Skin owing to continuous scratching
    • Skin Developing Knots on the thickened region
    • Consistent Itch limited to the affected, thickened area
    • Lightened Or Darkened Skin Patches at the affected site
  • The Adult Group: It is a rare phenomenon for an adult developing eczema. A large majority of the adult population might have already suffered from it before reaching the 5th year of their life. About half of them continue to live with milder effects as an adult. An adult person would reveal the following aspects of the condition:
    • Appearance Of Rashes within the creases of elbows, knees and scruff of the neck
    • Covers Most Of The Body including the facial area and generally plentiful around the eyes
    • Persistent Itchy Skin causing much irritation
    • Absolutely Dry & Scaly Skin owing to constant scratching
    • Skin Infections more often a close prospect
    • Thickened, Hardened Skin owing to continuous scratching
    • Lightened Or Darkened Skin Patches at the affected site

Eczema: Diagnosis By Your Eczema Specialist

  • Physical Examination Of The patient by a Eczema Specialist
  • Taking Familial History For Evaluation
  • Performing Patch Test To Determine The Particular Patient’s Allergen

Eczema: Treatment By Your Foot And Ankle Care Specialist

As facts go by, there is NO standard treatment procedure that cures eczema apart from the fact that its symptoms can be brought under control. Whatever treatment is available, it is essential for the following reasons:

  • Reducing Skin Discomfort by relieving itchy and painful condition
  • Preventing Worsening of eczema
  • Warding Off Skin Infections arising out the condition
  • Preventing Thickening of the skin to reduce the itch
  • Minimizing Emotional Stress over the patient

The treatment plan devised by our Eczema Clinic in New York for your treatment includes the following:

  • Medication
  • Skin Care Techniques
  • Changes In Lifestyle
  • Coping With & Adapting To Certain Provided Guidelines

Eczema: The After-effects Of Treatment

  • Reduced Skin Inflammation
  • Controlled Itch & Scratching
  • Loosened Up Skin Scales & Their Removal
  • Preventing Formation Of Further Sin Lesions
  • Subsided Skin Infection
  • Condition That Betters & Turns Milder With Time

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