Foot Deformities

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Foot Deformities: Defined By Your Foot And Ankle Care Doctor

In us the humans, the lower body performs some of the most crucial body functions than any other region. These functions include strength, support, mobility and elasticity. The anatomical intricacy of the foot is well shared with its functional and physiologic aspects.

Foot deformities are as varied as the structure of the foot itself, being congenital and induced. As a result of these anomalies, dysfunction of the lower extremities and neuropathy are some of the factors that put people at higher risk of developing foot ulcers in diabetics.

As a result of thorough studies and careful research several forms of podiatric deformities can be lined up:

  • Callosities in the heel region
  • Lower forefoot arch
  • Gait-related issues
  • Neuropathy

Foot Deformities: Causative Factors

  • Exposure To Fungus
  • Wearing Inappropriate Footwear
  • Diabetes
  • Strenuous, Stressful Physical Activity

Foot Deformities: Signs & Symptoms

Owing to foot deformities being in several forms, the signs and symptoms related to each are varied as well. The foot deformation conditions are usually clearly visible to your foot and ankle care doctor or podiatrist Springfield gardens NY that aids him in coming up with swift and accurate diagnosis to follow a perfect cure plan.

As a general observation and feedback from the patients, nearly all podiatric deformities are exposed to a set of given symptoms. From itchy and irritable foot condition to painful and tender affected area, swelling and inflammation to arthritis and limping, numbness and piercing pains to redness and drainage, the symptoms are thoroughly diverse in its true sense.

All foot deformities need to be addressed early after their onset. Any foot and ankle care issue can be prevented from progressing into the chronic stage where reaching complete healing can often become an uphill prospect. Only a well-versed and amply experienced podiatrist is capable enough to reach a precise diagnosis and chalk out a plan to go about its execution until the subject acquires complete recuperation.

Even after the condition has totally subsided, certain preventive measures are imperative to be adopted and adapted to for the purpose of warding off recurring problems. These measures are suggested and recommended by your foot and ankle care doctor as professional guidelines that are directed towards a healthy life.

Foot Deformities: Treatment Methodologies Adopted

  • Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Medication for pain relief
  • Corticosteroid Medication as injectable to lessen highly inflamed condition
  • Customized Footwear for maximum cushioning and comfort
  • Casts Or Braces to act as props for the injured podiatric zone
  • Orthotic Devices to enable movement and swift healing
  • Physiotherapy to keep the limb active & agile via routine light workout
  • Surgical Process in case of intense painful condition or foot impairment