Suffering From Painful Heels – Read Here To Get Inflamed Heel Healed!

Painful Heels

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If you are suffering from heel pain you must be facing a lot of trouble walking, running and doing so many of things that you could. Heel pain is the most common condition that so many of the people suffer from due to a number of reasons. As we use our feet all day for walking, running and completing so many chores, it is no wonder that the heel begins to feel the impact and we suffer from mild to severe pain.

Due to its crucial location, heel is prone to higher level of wear and tear as it absorbs all the shock and force that the body goes through and it is also responsible for all the body weight when we engage in all types of activities from walk to run and jump. There are certain foot abnormalities too that give rise to heel pain but they are not so serious and can be treated with a little rest and care.

Consult Doctor Sadhnani For Foot Pain

There are so many general physicians as well as specialized heel doctors who can help you seek the best foot care and enjoy relief from heel pain within no time. However, it is important to seek a doctor as soon as you feel discomfort because not getting medical attention can worsen the situation and you might end up facing some big and complex condition just because of negligence.

Effective Heel Pain Treatment

You can being the basic treatment at home if you feel this is just a temporary phase and will get better with a little rest and care. Make sure to limit your foot movement so that the pressure is eased off the heels.

  • Ice massage is effective too; 15 to 20 minutes of icing several times a day can help to relieve inner inflammation and soothe any irritated nerves
  • Heel Pain Treatment

  • Special foot orthotics like foot and arch supports, heel cups and wedges are an effective way to control pain and keep the foot in shape
  • Finding the right footwear is also very helpful in this regard; there are special shoes with heel support available in the market that ease the pain and make walk easy
  • pain and make walk easy

  • Physiotherapy is also a great means to get rid of pain but it should only be done following the doctor’s recommendation as the doctor will advise on how to go about it for best results
  • In case no other treatment is working and the pain continues to worsen, the doctor might also suggest steroidal therapy in which human hormones may be given for oral intake or through injection
  • Leg splints cover the foot to keep the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia taut which offers relief from pain that results from pressure on feet and tendons
  • According to heel specialists, maintaining a balanced body weight can prevent heel problems for a long time; it is necessary to keep an eye on dietary habits and exercise daily to avoid putting pressure on the heel that leads to pain

    Heel surgery is the last option when the treatment has been going on for months and you are unable to find relief; the doctor will conduct tests like x-rays and digital imaging to check out the problem and the determine how the surgery will be carried out

    Pain in the heel can be very bad and even disable and affect your daily routine. It is important to take it seriously, consult the best heel doctor and start treatment as soon as possible to avoid turning it into something more serious.


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