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Hammertoe: Detailed Out By Your Hammertoe Doctor

As put by your foot and ankle care doctor, hammertoe is a condition of crookedness arising in any of the 4 smaller toes owing to contracture of the associated connective tissues, in one or both the interphalangeal joints. This condition causes the affected toe(s) to adopt a hammer-like appearance. As the inward bending of the toe(s) exerts pressure over the otherwise normal big toe while the footwear is on, it may lead to further aggravation of the hammertoe condition.

In their earlier stage, hammertoe is easily manageable and curable without the intervention of a hammertoe surgeon due to their flexibility. However, if neglected and left unattended hammertoes, that usually start off as a minor and mild anomaly, worsens progressively as time lapses turning it firm and rigid to the extent that nonsurgical hammertoes treatment becomes a remote possibility. It is, therefore, imperative for the sufferer to nip this issue in the bud and proceed with its correction.

Hammertoe: Causative Factors Giving Rise To It

Several reasons might be associated with the emergence of hammertoe condition.

  • Imbalance Of Muscle/Tendon in the affected toe(s)
  • Abnormal Length Of A Toe leads it to developing hammertoe condition
  • Past Trauma Or Injury to the toe elevates chances of hammertoe occurrence
  • Improper Footwear such as unusually high heels or too narrow toe box causing the toes to get cramped for lying flat at comfortable position

Hammertoe: Signs & Symptoms

  • Crookedness In The Toe, bending it inwards
  • Redness & Inflammation noticed in the affected region
  • Burning Sensation in the hammertoe(s)
  • Discomfort & Irritation felt while walking or using footwear
  • Development Of Corns as a result of continuous friction against the inner footwear wall
  • Formation of open-end sores in the most severe cases

Hammertoe: The Treatment Process

The treatment course of hammertoe depends upon the intensity of the condition.

The Nonsurgical Process: A variety of nonsurgical methods may be employed in order to curb the condition and its associated symptoms.

  • Appropriate Footwear that is broad & spacious at the toes and low-heeled
  • Customized Orthotic Devices fixed inside the footwear to rectify the tendon/muscle instability
  • Soft, Non-Medicated Padding to prevent corns and/or calluses formed from discomfort and soreness
  • Splints Or Straps applied over the crooked toe(s) for their corrective realignment
  • Oral Medications in the form of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers to control painful and inflammatory condition
  • Specific Exercises suggested by your foot and ankle care specialist in order to stretch and strengthen the affected toe muscles

The Surgical Process: The surgical approach becomes a necessity when the hammertoe gives rise to sufficient pain due to its elevated rigidity and firmness or upon development of an open sore. Prior to carrying out the operative procedures, your hammertoe surgeon would take into consideration several factors that include:

  • The extent of your foot deformity
  • The number of digits affected
  • Your age
  • Your routine activity level