Hyperbaric medicine

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Hyperbaric Medicine: The Process Defined & Detailed Out

Definition: Hyperbaric medicine refers to a mode of medical treatment known as “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)” that enhances the body’s natural healing process. This is achieved through the inhalation of 100% pure oxygen in a total body chamber maintained at a much higher pressure than normal and under a controlled environment. As a part of an overall medical care and treatment plan, this therapy is now being employed in a wide variety of treatment procedures.

The Working Principle: As outlined above, the philosophy behind HBOT is relatively simple to get through. The diabetic patient is allowed to lie down on a bed comfortably placed in a submarine-like chamber where they breathe in an oxygen-rich surrounding with its 100% pure supply. The pressure within the chamber is maintained at about two and a half times that of normal atmospheric value. This respiratory process at super high pressure, called hyperbaric breathing, allows the blood to carry along increased quantities of oxygen to the body organs and tissues. The entire procedure is carried out under a strictly controlled and balanced environment.

Hyperbaric Medicine: The Underlying Physiology In Diabetic Foot Treatment

Although appearing simple and straightforward in its application, the hyperbaric medicinal therapy is a complicated one when its effects are analyzed physiologically. A good deal of science and biological concepts lie behind it as props. Speaking in pure physiological terms, when the body tissues and organs are bathed in highly concentrated oxygenated surrounding, the body’s natural healing process speeds up considerably.

Considered as an effective treatment against diabetic foot debility, it is usually employed to treat the stubborn wounds and gangrenes that fail to heal up under hyperglycemic conditions. As the therapy is capable to turn the healing process occur at a rapid pace, general wounds as well the infected ones get healed more quickly and effectively. Falling asleep inside the chamber as the process progresses is considered a healthy sign signaled by the patient as their swelling reduces, the healing process is promoted, dangerous infection are warded off and the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream elevates to a comfortably higher level.

Hyperbaric Medicine: The Benefits Offered By It

Among a plethora of benefits that this procedure has to offer, we endeavor to outline a handful of them as stated beneath:

  • Blood Vessels Are Newly Generated & Regenerated To Compensate For Diminished Blood Circulation To The Lower Extremities.
  • The Natural Healing Process Quickens Substantially.
  • Sensory Neuropathy Is Also Compensated To A Certain Extent.
  • Reduces Diabetic Amputations In The Lower Extremities.
  • Saves Expenses On Surgical Process, Hospitalization, Post-operative Care & Rehabilitation Process.

Hyperbaric Medicine: The Drawbacks Associated With It

As a matter of truth, the systemic hyper-oxygen therapy is still under hot debate over its actual efficacy in bringing about positive changes in the healing process and its required time. The clinicians worldwide have yet to establish the process’s feasibility with respect to a number of aspects. Let’s go through the probable complications and side effects sequentially.

  • It Is Expensive As a Long-term Therapy.
  • It Is Administered Only In Large Medical Facilities.
  • Fluid Buildup Or Rupture Of The Middle Ear may Occur.
  • Damage To Lungs Is On The Cards As Well.
  • Impairment In Vision May Occur, Causing Myopia (Nearsightedness)
  • Damage To The Sinus May take Place
  • Oxygen Poisoning Causing Fluid Buildup In Lungs, Lung Failure Or Seizures Are Not Out Of Question

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