Metatarsal pain

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Metatarsal Pain: Explained By Your Foot And Ankle Care Doctor

Known in the medical world as Metatarsalgia, the pain in the metatarsals is generally the outcome of overuse of the forefoot. This pain is associated with elevated stress over the metatarsal head regions generated due to prolonged strenuous activities performed in a repetitive manner.

Metatarsalgia, putting it straight, is a symptom rather than a disease condition. It is a common incidence in athletes and persons following an active, avid lifestyle and participating in fast, high-impact sports involving the distal extremities as major instruments.

Anatomically, the forefoot region tolerates the greatest forces of impact in acts of walking, running, jumping or even standing. Out of the 5 metatarsal heads, the 1st and the 2nd receive the major share of the brunt. Injuries of the forefoot presented to sporting people are often substantially traumatic and of acute nature that can literally hamper in their sporting career and compel them to sideline.

Metatarsal Pain: Causes Leading To It

  • Congenital Abnormal Foot Shapes like higher arch, flat feet or longer 2nd metatarsal than the 1st one
  • Foot Deformities such as hammertoe or bunions
  • Strenuous, Continuous Activity causing severe stress over the region
  • Improper Footwear that is often too loose or tight to fitting
  • Morton’s Neuroma occurring between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads
  • Certain Diseases such as diabetes or arthritis
  • Stress Fractures in the forefoot bones occurring frequently
  • Obesity as an agent over-pressurizing the forefoot region

Metatarsal Pain: Symptoms For Your Foot & Ankle Podiatrist’s Diagnosis

  • False Feeling of stepping into a shoe with a gritstone beneath the foot
  • Pain In The Ball Of The Foot that is sharp, stinging & burning
  • Numbness Or Tingling Sensation with shooting painful condition
  • Worsening Pain upon standing or moving that subsides on resting

 Metatarsal Pain: Treatment Options for Your Foot And Ankle Care Doctor

The Non-Surgical Approach: Certain do-it-yourself procedures would ensure that your metatarsal pain is subsided without the intervention of a foot and ankle care surgeon to go about with the surgical way of correcting your painful forefoot.

  • Application Of Ice Padding to massage the affected region for 15-20 minutes at each attempt
  • Properly Fitting Footwear, Metatarsal Pads & Arch Supports as supporting tools for the injured foot
  • Orthotics such as shoe inserts & insoles, and splints & braces that act as shock absorbers
  • High Heel Footwear to be discarded until complete healing has been acquired
  • Suspending High-Impact Activities to permit the stressed out metatarsals rest and recuperation

The Surgical Approach: The most severe of these cases wherein the painful condition worsens often call for surgical intervention whereby your foot and ankle care surgeon might go with actually removing a part of your affected forefoot bone(s), a process called exostectomy.

Metatarsal Pain: Probable Complications

Metatarsal pain may often be ignored by individuals until the condition actually worsens. If left unattended, it may often give rise to pain in other parts of the affected foot or the opposite foot as well. Not only this, the ache may invade other body parts such as the lower spine or hip regions owing to abnormal walking gait to compensate for the forefoot pain.