6 Common Signs Its Time To Consult A Podiatric Doctor In Queens, New York!

Consult A Podiatric Clinic

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Often overlooked, our feet are one of the extremely important parts of our body. They do much of our legwork and heavy lifting, serves well as shock absorbers, and handle all the locomotion seamlessly. However, a majority of people ignore taking care of them. Most patients do not even know the signs and symptoms of foot problems that need the attention of a podiatrist (a doctor specializes in feet, ankles, and other parts of the leg). In crowded cities like New York, people are so occupied with their usual routine than they do not see a podiatric doctor Springfield Gardens, NY.

Podiatrists, these days, are important for the diabetics too. Finding a podiatric clinic in New York or any other big city has become so easy. Here we are going to discuss some of the common signs telling you to consult a podiatrist so that the next time you experience any of these signs; you would know where to go. Let’s get started!

Consult Doctor Sadhnani For Foot Pain

1. Your Doctor Said So

Most of the times, the family doctor who is usually a general practitioner recommends visiting a podiatrist for the issues related to the feet. Patients should take the recommendation very seriously and visit a podiatrist at the earliest.

2. Constant Heel Pain

Heel pain is caused due to a variety of reasons including faulty biomechanics, injury, running/jumping, excessive body weight, or poorly constructed shoes. However, if your pain is accompanied by redness or swelling and is limiting your day-to-day activities, you should visit a doctor of podiatric medicine.

3. Blisters, Infection Or Ulcers

Blisters do not attract much concern; they go with the time if you are not diabetic. People with diabetes have to be very conscious about infections and injuries as a small sore in no time can turn into a large ulcer in the absence of proper care. Be wary of discoloration especially dark colors. Also, see if you having pain near the affected area.

4. Hammertoes and Bunions

A podiatrist should be consulted a.s.a.p to treat hammertoes, bunions, and other related issues, especially when they are causing pain. For bunion treatment, your doctor might start with some X-rays and then suggest the treatment options depending on the condition.

5. Corns and Calluses

Being common yet a nuisance, the corns and calluses can cause extreme discomfort. Corn and callus, when left untreated, can cause pain. Your podiatrist will assess your condition to suggest the treatment. The diabetics and people with poor blood circulation must see a podiatrist when any corn or callus occurs.

6. Onychomycosis

Onychomycosis or toenail infection can quickly spread. The surrounding area near toenail turns yellow or white at first and then go darker. It can also cause bad odor and it is very important to visit a good podiatric clinic in New York at your earliest. Your doctor might recommend photodynamic therapy, laser therapy or nail detachment depending on the condition.

Some conditions might require therapy while some demand surgery. Your podiatrist will assess the condition before moving to the treatment phase. Nevertheless, it should be noted that by ignoring the feet related issues, you are putting your well-being at risk.

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