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Treatments: Aims To Cure Podiatric Malfunctions & Deformities

Foot, being an important organ of locomotion, carries a substantial importance in one’s quality of living. The conditions of foot, associated with the ankle, cast a huge impact on the physical state and wellbeing of the entire limb which, in turn, affects the body as a whole.

The foot and the ankle are so interrelated in their functions as well as malfunctions that both structures can’t be disjoined at macroscopic or microscopic levels. Both are interdependent for many actions to take place in a normal sequence. For any type of foot and ankle treatment the prime objectives that are set as targets to be achieved can be generalized as follows:

  • Pain & Discomfort Relief
  • Function & Movement Restoration
  • Gait Modification
  • Appearance Improvement

The Healing Process: All foot and ankle surgeries interfere with the skin and sometimes, with the internal soft and rigid structures. Each external or internal structure takes its time to heal completely within its own surrounding and with its specific set of required factors.

  • Skin Healing, although may sound a simpler prospect, occurs in stages ranging from regrowth as a scar tissue that may appear inflamed, red and swelled up until it blends with the adjoining areas within a few months.
  • Tendons & Ligaments Healing take a fair bit of time to regain their vitality owing to meagre blood supply to these soft connective tissues. Tendons and ligaments, together with the musculature, are vital to the joints movement and functioning.
  • Bone Healing occurs in defined stages with the formation of a bone-like ‘cement’ that acts as a bridge for the affected bone. As the healing process proceeds, the extra bony structure is dissolved within a few months and the bone regains its strength.

Treatments: Types & Locations

The orthopedic surgeons and podiatric specialists the world over employ varied methodologies for the treatment of deformities, musculoskeletal injuries and other related issues. The major ones are listed below.

  • Treatments Of The Ankle
  • Treatments Of The Heels
  • Treatments Of The Mid-foot
  • Treatments Of The Big Toe
  • Treatments Of The Smaller Toes

Treatments: Options Available with Advance Foot & Ankle Solutions

  • Endoscopy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Orthotic
  • Bracing
  • Diabetic Limb Salvage
    • Hyperbaric Medicine
    • Wound Care