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Warts: According To Your Warts Doctor

Plantar warts, medically referred to as verrucas, are structures that develop on the soles of the feet. Warts are benign superficial skin growths that appear when a virus named human papillomavirus (HPV) attacks the topmost skin layer. This virus occurs in various strains, affecting other areas of the body differently. For instance, a different strain of this virus is responsible for causing genital warts.

Warts are highly contagious. The infective viruses get easily transferred to a healthy person via their skin cuts, abrasions or cracks permitting the viral entry. Warts are one of the commonest foot conditions with children more susceptible to them. They are rough to feel and appear as skin-colored, dark brown or gray-black.

As routine activities of standing and walking are continued with, the warts are pressured into entering the skin that turns them painful. Although most of these heal up on their own in a couple of years without any treatment, in a few cases they turn exceedingly painful that wart treatment and management by your professional wart specialist becomes inevitable.

Warts: Causative Factors

The factors that favor the growth of warts are listed below:

  • Skin Cuts Or Abrasions
  • Shaved Areas In Men & Women
  • Intra- & Inter-transmission Of The Virus
  • Floor Surfaces In Public Showers, Swimming Pools Or Locker Rooms
  • Feeble Immunity System
  • Predisposition To The Virus
  • Keeping Foot In Soggy, Dark & Closed Footwear For Prolonged Periods

Warts: Who Is More Susceptible?

Warts is something that people of all ages are prone to it. Yet, there are some exceptions that are more likely than others to contact it.

  • People Habituated With Nail-biting Or Tearing At Hangnails
  • People With Frail Immunity System
  • Young Children

Warts: Symptoms Your Warts Doctor Looks For

Plantar warts are featured with the following signs and symptoms:

  • Small Protrusions That Become Flattened & Grow Inward On Walking
  • Often Painful Causing Stone-like Sensation In The Footwear
  • Grow Mostly On The Soles
  • Can Develop Blood Supply, Appearing As Black Dots In The Center
  • Often Form Colonial Clusters

Warts: Diagnosis & Treatment By Your Warts Specialist

The Diagnosis: Warts upon observation are easily differentiated and recognized against other foot conditions such as corns or calluses. In special cases, your warts doctor would cut off a piece of the wart and send in for biopsy to be ascertained of the condition.

The Treatment: Although warts usually heal up and disappear themselves with no treatment needed, the more stubborn ones can only be got rid of by a professional warts surgeon at a dedicated warts clinic. The mode of treatment relies upon the prospect’s health and age as well as the type and location of warts.

  • Cryotherapy, i.e. freezing the warts
  • Cantharidin Application to turn the wart dead
  • Elecrosurgery & Curettage both used in conjunction
  • Excision, i.e. severing and cutting away the wart

For the more resistant and stubborn types of warts, your warts surgeon might resort to more invasive forms of treatments, as detailed below:

  • Applying Chemical Peels At Home
  • Injecting Bleomycin In Each Wart Individually
  • Using Immunotherapy To Shed Off The Warts
  • Using Laser Therapy With Each Wart Anesthetized

Warts: Preventive Measures

The following preventive measures when adopted appropriately are helpful in warding off the occurrence of warts to a large extent.

  • Warts Are not To Be Scratched Or Picked.
  • Others’ Warts Are Not Be Touched Either.
  • Keep Your Feet Clean & Dry At All Times.
  • Use flip-flops Or Special Pool Shoes In Locker Rooms, Pool Areas & Public Showers.