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Based in Rosedale, New York Dr. Manoj Sadhnani is a multi-faceted podiatric physician and surgeon, carrying loads of experience behind him. He graduated with honors in the year 1999 from New York College of Podiatric Medicine, and since then he has been practicing in diverse fields, totaling his experience to nearly two decades. He completed a residency at New York Blood Center. He has amassed huge skills and knowledge that include the latest Endoscopic and Arthroscopic diagnostic techniques to treat and heal scores of podiatric abnormalities and deformities. Dr. Sadhnani has affiliations currently with a number of medical facilities such as Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York Methodist Hospital and other related doctors & specialists. He also accepts insurance plans from various insurance organizations.

Dr. Manoj Sadhnani happens to be a tri-linguist; he has established fluency in English, Spanish and Arabic. With his qualities of teamwork, dedication and untiring efforts, he aims at providing total quality healthcare management at all levels to all his patients alike.


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Our highly educated physicians and surgeons assisted by our seasoned medical staff are fully aware of the gravity associated with the human foot. Notwithstanding the complexity of the podiatric structure and its various anomalies & conditions, our treatment plans are efficaciously chalked out based on individual needs. Our podiatric treatment center offers pristine care of all your foot-related issues through a professional team that is empathetic, passionate and dynamic in its approach right from the word ‘go’.

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While considering to get treatment for your foot maladies underway, the foremost need is getting around a podiatric cure & care unit that follows progressive & bespoke methodologies so that no one cap fits all.


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