About Dr. Sadhnani

Dr. Manoj Sadhnani

Dr. Manoj Sadhnani is a Board-Certified Podiatric Physician and Surgeon, specializes in treating all aspects of Foot and Ankle ailments both non-surgically and surgically.

He graduated with honors, from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999, completing his residency at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

Since then, he has been in both Private and Institution positions, practicing podiatric surgery and medicine, totaling his experience to over two decades.

He has amassed huge skills and knowledge that include the latest diagnostic, Endoscopic and Arthroscopic techniques to treat and heal various podiatric abnormalities and deformities.

Dr. Manoj Sadhnani has almost 2 decades off experience in treating difficult wounds associated with the diabetes, vascular insufficiency and other chronic conditions via both conventional wound care modalities and the use of hyperbaric medicine.

Dr. Sadhnani has affiliations currently with several medical facilities such as Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and Mt. Sinai South Nassau Hospital and also serves as an educator for the Residency Program, training future Podiatric physicians.

Dr. Manoj Sadhnani happens to be a tri-linguist; he has established fluency in English, Spanish and Hindi. With his qualities of teamwork, dedication and untiring efforts, he aims at providing total quality healthcare management at all levels to all his patients alike.

The office accepts most insurances and accommodates patients that don’t have insurance under low affordable monthly payment plan.